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Student Blogs

Hawks Abroad

Hawks Around the World: Student Picture Slideshow! 
Student Blogs
Student Program
Patrick Curley London School of Economics, Fall 2013-Spring 2014
Sarah Hughes IES Paris: Business & International Affairs, Spring 2014
Katie Baldwin IES Paris: Business & International Affairs, Spring 2014

Student & Study Abroad Publications
Student Publication
Katie Baldwin Admissions Blog: Summer Program in China & IES Paris
Katie Smith SJU Article: Cuba Study Tour
Teresa Tellekamp Admissions Blog: Cuba Study Tour
Elise Holzbauer Admissions Blog: Year abroad in Argentina & Spain
  SJU Article: IHS/THE 368 Study Tour to Nicaragua
  SJU Article: Morgan Bui Receives St. Andrew's Scholarship

Please note: All student journals are opinions of the students only and do not in any way represent the opinions of the SJU Center for International Programs.