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From Outside the United States

To come to the United States to study you will need an F-1 Student visa or J-1 Exchange Visitor visa.  To apply for your visa you will need an I-20 Form (for F-1) or DS-2019 Form (for J-1) from the school you plan to attend.  You will also need to pay the SEVIS fee before scheduling an appointment at a U.S. Consulate, preferrably in your home country.  It is important to apply for your visa early to allow time for difficulties in scheduling an appointment, delays in processing, and possible security clearances. However, the consulate cannot issue your visa any more than 120 days before you will start classes. 

Since you are coming to the United States to study, you must come on a Student visa. Do not enter the U.S. on a Tourist visa with either a B-1/B-2 visa or a WT/visa waiver.  You cannot study in the United States as a tourist so this will not help you to begin classes any sooner. It can also be very difficult to change from tourist to student status, especially if you have already applied to or been accepted by a university before you enter the United States.