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As you are advising students during the course of their academic careers, many will express interest in studying overseas for part of that career. The Frequently Asked Questions list below should help you to answer many of those questions. If you don’t have time to read these questions, please be sure to read the first question: “How can I help?” For a comprehensive list of programs, and detailed information, please use the Program Search feature.

How can I help?
As a teacher and mentor, you are in a position to best help them frame the answer to the question, “what do you want to accomplish abroad?” This can be academic, personal or professionally focused. Personal development and the ability to travel will be options wherever they go. Get the students to think of what they want to do upon arrival, beyond just tourist experiences. Encourage students to think past study abroad as a geographical exercise: e.g., not WHERE in Ireland to you want to go, but WHY go to Ireland? Remind students that they have to be active participants in their education, most importantly when they arrive at their host country.

A student wants to study abroad. How does she/he get started?
The all-important first step is to encourage the student to visit the Center for International Programs. We encourage all students have individual meetings with our study abroad advisors where they talk in more detail about their goals, get detailed information about programs, and complete the application process. In between these meetings students are encouraged to meet their academic advisers as well.

Where is the Center for International Programs?
The Center for International Programs is located at 183 Bala Place on City Avenue, in between University Press and 7-11.

How many students study abroad each year? 
During the 2013-2014 academic year, 406 students, including 322 SJU undergraduate students, participated in some type of academic experience overseas.

One of my advisees studied abroad for a semester in the past year but their credits aren’t appearing yet.
Where were they, and how long does this process take? The CIP transfers students’ credits immediately upon receipt of their overseas transcripts to this office. If the credits are not appearing on the student’s transcript, then one of three things has happened: 1) the host university has not issued the transcript yet (abroad universities particularly take a long time in issuing transcripts); 2) the student did not request a transcript be sent to the CIP; 3) the student owes the program provider money and the transcript will not be issued until the bill has been settled. In each of these situations, there is nothing that neither you nor we can do, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the university or the program provider.

One of my advisees is planning on studying abroad. What classes should he take or not take before then?
Students that are planning on studying overseas can take any number of courses while abroad. In general, we advise students to save some GEPs to take while they are abroad as many of our programs offer similar courses. Students may need to take a language course while abroad and should save one elective to do so. Many students have had success in taking upper level elective courses that count towards their major while abroad. Each Program Brochure page features "Courses Offered" for semester abroad programs, as well as the SJU course for Study Tours and Summer Programs. 

How can I lead a group of students abroad?
The CIP provides the avenue for faculty in all academic areas to teach a study abroad course. Faculty may submit proposals to lead a SJU Study Tour or Summer Program. Please review the Proposal page that details the considerations and process for submitting a proposal.

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