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Submission Procedures

Submission Procedures
     1. Review poster guidelines.
     2. Review your poster title and abstract. Proofread for errors.
     3. Go to the online submission form to submit your poster abstract.
     4. The CIP will send an email confirmation when you have been accepted.
     5. Create your poster.
     6. Go to the online submission form to submit your poster.

     7. Questions can be directed to: 

Submission Guidelines
I. General

     1. Please submit your abstract as early as possible using the online form that can be found here.
When you have read the guidelines and collected all necessary information, complete the online submission. Deadline is 4:30 pm on 10/12/2015.

II. Abstract/description
     1. Titles are limited to 200 characters.
     2. Abstract/brief description is limited to 200 words. Abstract should include the major points of poster. Because there is a 200 word limit, each sentence should convey important information. While your presentation may be a technical report, please remember that you are addressing a general, but educated, audience. Specific terms should be defined and explained.
     3. Please be sure to proof your abstract, as it will be included in the program as submitted.
     4. There should only be one (1) abstract permissoin per group (if applicable- see Section III).

III. Specific
     1. Submitter: Individual students, both undergraduate and graduate, may submit an abstract and poster presentation or a group of students may submit an abstract and poster presentation. 
     2. Number of submissions: Students may submit one total poster presentation. The number of presentations will be capped, so apply early.
     3. Poster Requirements
          a. Actual Poster size: 24” x 36”
          b. Actual image size: 23.5” x 35.5”
          c. Please use the highest resolution files possible.
          d. Use PowerPoint to create your poster. Go to Page Setup and enter in the custom width and height of 23.5 inches by 35.5 inches.
          e. Posters may be landscape or portrait.
          f. Tips on creating an effective poster.

          g. After designing your poster in PowerPoint, save it as a PDF file. 
          h. Instructions on using PowerPoint to create a poster.
           i. PowerPoint poster templates

     4. Submitting your poster
          a. Poster images must be submitted in PDF format.
          b. There should only be one (1) poster submission per group (if applicable).
          c. Go to the online submission form to submit your full poster presentation to the CIP.
          d. Deadline to submit your approved poster presentation is 11/03/2015.
     5. Poster Printing
          a. Cost: $18 per poster. (The CIP and various academic departments will cover of the costs of printing your poster.)
          b. CIP will pick up the posters from University Press.
     6. Set up/take down:
          a. Location: Poster presentations will take place in the North Lounge.
          b. Posters will be set up in North Lounge starting at 10am on 11/19/15.
          c. Posters are to be displayed during the entire event.
          d. Easels will be provided to display the posters.
          e. If possible, a poster representative should remain at their poster throughout the entire session.
          f. Students may take down their poster beginning at 12:30pm on 11/19/14. If it is not picked up, it can be picked up at the CIP office. Please let the CIP know if you would like to donate the poster to the CIP to be used for international education promotion.

IV. Other considerations
     1. Dress: Professional

Academic Departments
If your department would like to be involved in and/or contribute to this event, please contact Lindsey Martin at

Cat Jones and Dana Mignione
Cat Jones IES Dana Mignione IEW