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International Education Symposium

International Education Symposium
November 19th, 2015
Ashely Hills IEW 2014 Poster Taylor Heil IEW 2014 Poster
About event
This day is intended to be a college-wide symposium celebrating the international achievements of SJU study abroad students, international students studying abroad at SJU, and other SJU students who are committed to or interested in international education and exchange. In celebrating these achievements, the event promotes and encourages international and cross-cultural experiences within the SJU community and worldwide. The event will take place during International Education Week.
International Education Week
International Education Week (IEW) is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education that provides an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This annual initiative aims to promote international understanding and build support for international educational exchange by encouraging the development of programs that prepare Americans to live and work in a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study in the United States.

Call for Submissions
All study abroad students, international students, and other students who have done international research, projects or work, or international SJU Immersion Programs are encouraged to participate. They may do so in the form of a poster presentation.
The event will be held on Thursday during International Education Week. The event will showcase the research, scholarship, and creative work of SJU’s study abroad and international students. In addition, this symposium provides an overview of the unique study abroad opportunities afforded through SJU’s Center for International Programs and highlights the involvement of SJU faculty in these opportunities.
We will work to accommodate other potential presentations or performances that do not fit within this format. Please contact
Suggested topics:
  • Research conducted during abroad experience  
  • Project completed during abroad experience or about abroad experience
  • Culture shock
  • Reverse culture shock
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Benefits of study abroad
  • Adjusting to life in a new country/culture
  • Lessons from abroad
  • Diversity abroad
  • Volunteering/interning/working abroad or with an international organization in the US
  • Career impact of international experiences
  • Country specific topic related to abroad experience
  • Other topics related to students’ abroad experience
  • International research submitted for an SJU course
  • Cross-cultural collaboration 

These are broad topic suggestions. It is suggested to narrow your topic down to something more specific within a category. For example, “The Role of Women in India”, "Food Culture in Italy", "Culture Shock in the US", “Lessons from Volunteering in a South African NGO”.

Some of the 2014 topics included:
  • It's All Greek to Me: Food Culture in Greece
  • Social Justice Travel Across Europe; What it Means to Travel Intentionally
  • Milan: A Historical and Cultural Mastering of Music 
  • Adventures Abroad in Paris: Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable
  • Teaching English to Italian Students in Florence
  • Inside the EU: Cooperation and Conflict in the European Union
  • Reimagining Revolution: Cuban Propaganda Then and Now 

Submission Considerations
Excerpt from the Center for International Programs Mission: Saint Joseph's University's commitment to promoting international knowledge is fundamental to the institution's overarching Jesuit mission of service to all people regardless of nationality or other life circumstance and to advocate for the service of faith and promotion of justice.  In so doing, international education at Saint Joseph's University in all of its forms seeks to “raise our Jesuit educational standard to ‘educate the whole person of solidarity for the real world.'”
The Jesuit mission knows no borders, and Saint Joseph's University, as a Jesuit institution, encourages students and faculty to take a truly global view of their opportunities and their responsibilities and be equipped with the knowledge and training that will enable them to effectively engage with and respond to people and cultures from all parts of the world; and to use their talents towards the betterment of others.*
We are looking for submissions that exemplify this mission and “living greater”.

*Read the full mission statement here.

Tentative Event Schedule
11am-12:15pm: Student Poster Presentations (Campion North Lounge)

For the full schedule of International Education Week, see the CIP event calendar here.