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Financial Aid

Study Abroad and Your Financial Aid Package: What You Need to Know

Per the Semester Abroad Policy, students who wish to study abroad and receive credit toward their Saint Joseph’s degree will remain registered at SJU and pay the full-time, day tuition rate plus a $300 Confirmation Deposit for each semester they will be studying abroad.   Because of their continuing enrollment status at the University, students will continue to receive their full financial aid package.   However, there are some things to be aware of in regards to your aid.

With the exception of Federal Work Study Funds and athletic scholarships,  other forms of financial aid and scholarships are applied towards your Saint Joseph’s University tuition fees for the semester or you are abroad studying full time.  They are applied automatically as if you were studying here on campus.

Housing and Non-Tuition Fees
In most cases, students are required to pay all non-tuition related fees (i.e., housing and other administrative fees) directly to their study abroad program or foreign institution.  However, there are a few exceptions based on agreements that the University has with a small number of our approved/affiliated programs.  Therefore, students participating in the following programs will see their study abroad housing fee (not the SJU housing cost!) on their billing statement from Saint Joseph’s University: 
  • All approved/affiliated IFSA-Butler programs
  • Universidad Alberto Hurtado
For all other programs (including petitions), students will be required to pay housing and other non-tuition fees directly to their program.  Students are responsible for submitting these payments by deadlines established by and communicated from the program, not the CIP office. It is important to note that the deadline for submitting payment to your program may occur before your SJU financial aid package has been disbursed, as all Federal funds are scheduled to disburse to the student after add/drop each semester.

If you are concerned about your program’s payment deadline, please contact them directly for assistance.  Some programs may extend the deadline for you or allow you to schedule a payment plan.  Other programs (including, but not limited to: DIS, Casa de la Solidaridad, CIEE, John Cabot University, IES, Temple University, American University of Rome) have allowed students to defer their program fee payment until after their financial aid has been disbursed by Saint Joseph’s University.  Please research your program’s website and/or contact your program directly to inquire about a possible Payment Deferral Form or required documentation.  If it is an available option, you will need to also work with Hawk Central to submit necessary financial aid documentation as the CIP cannot sign the agreement.

Once the aid is disbursed to the student through their SJU account, any credit balances will be refunded directly to the student. The student is then responsible for paying any non-tuition fees to their study abroad program immediately and before the agreed upon deferment deadline.

Tips and Advice:
  1. Discuss your plans with a Hawk Central counselor at least a year prior to studying abroad
  2. Complete the FAFSA application early. Federal funds will not be disbursed to SJU if the FAFSA is not submitted.  If selected; federal verification completed and all loan requirements are completed
  3. Research when program and/or housing fees are due to the abroad program and understand the process for having financial aid applied. Financial Aid deferral agreements and payment plans can often take 1-2 weeks to put into place, and typically must be in place before payment deadlines.
  4. Set up Direct Deposit at SJU. Most loans are sent to Saint Joseph’s University via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and most students receive refunds via direct deposit.  Direct deposit will allow students have access to their funds much quicker.
  5. Share all financial aid information with parent(s) or guardian(s).

While You’re Away:
Dropping below full-time status or completely withdrawing from your semester abroad program could have an adverse effect on your financial aid package. Therefore, if your enrollment status changes, notify the CIP and Hawk Central immediately.

For more information visit Hawk Central. Hawk Central is Saint Joseph's student-focused service center where information and counselors are available to meet with students and families to analyze and assess needs related to student academic records, financial aid, and billing.