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Study Tours

 Gabby Rosazza on Vimeo., SJU Study Tour to Cuba, May 2016, POL 337: Contemporary Cuban Politics & Society

Each year, Saint Joseph's students have many opportunities to gain an international experience. One way that students are able to do so is by participating in a SJU Study Tour. A Study Tour is a semester-long course taught on the SJU campus combined with a short-term period of group travel designed to introduce students to other countries & cultures by bringing to life what is being learned in the classroom.

SJU offers Study Tours in multiple disciplines and to several destinations each year in order to allow a variety of students to participate. The courses are taught and led by SJU faculty with logistical coordination provided by the Center for International Programs, Saint Joseph's Travel Office, a Tour Coordinator and a tour provider/organization.

The goal of a study tour is to offer students from any major who may not have the flexibility to spend a semester abroad the chance to learn more about other cultures and countries. We hope you will consider joining Saint Joseph's faculty as they lead our students abroad on these fascinating programs!

"If you feel like a semester is too much time to be away, I strongly recommend going on a study tour. This trip was hands down the best experience of my college career. It opened me up to people and situations that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to enjoy. By forcing you out of your comfort zone, study tours allow you to not only get to know your academic material better, but yourself as well!" - Norene Drici, FMK 330 Study Tour to Italy, May 2013
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Information Sessions: Check out the event calendar for dates and times.

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