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Peer Ambassadors

Peer Ambassadors represent the Center for International Programs and the Abroad Programs they attended during Information Sessions, Class Visits and Office Hours. They are available by email to answer any questions you may have about studying abroad!  They are also available upon request for presentations for student clubs and organizations. If interested, email them at!

Becoming a Peer Ambassador
Can’t stop talking about your experience abroad? Consider applying for a Peer Ambassador position with the Center for International Programs.

Types of activities you should expect to do as a Peer Ambassador:
  • Help out and man a program table at the Study Abroad Fair
  • Post on the CIP's Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts
  • Email and/or meet with prospective students
  • Speak about your study abroad experience and the application process at information sessions
  • Reach out to clubs and faculty to schedule times to speak at a meeting or class about study abroad
  • Attend pre-departure meetings to answer questions
  • Develop new ideas for how the CIP can improve their study abroad outreach efforts & implement them!

Meet the 2017 Peer Ambassadors for the Center for International Programs!
Bonin Christina Bonin
Major: Food Marketing

American University of Rome, Spring 2017

Being emerged in a new culture, language, and country allowed me to expand my horizons and knowledge on the culinary industry as a Food Marketing Major. It brought extreme happiness and made me appreciate all the beauty in the world more by traveling around Europe.

Cherundolo Sarah Cherundolo
Major: Sociology

Marquette South Africa Service Learning, Spring 2017 

SJU Greece Summer Program, Summer 2016 

Since going abroad, I have definitely become more flexible, I learned that it's okay for things to not go as planned! 
Jordan Erin Jordan
Major: Marketing 

National University of Ireland, Galway
Fall 2016

My study abroad experience provided me with a truly eye-opening, challenging, incredible four months that has left me with a newfound love for traveling and a knowledge of various cultures. Of the 8 countries that I explored during my time abroad, each one left me with a greater desire to expand my horizons and discover more of what the world has to offer. Living in Ireland for four months led me to fall in love with the Irish culture and the Irish people, and ultimately left me with another place to call home.
Kaiser Stephen Kaiser 
Major: Risk Management & Insurance
Minors: Asian Studies, Chinese Language & Culture, Business Intelligence

The Beijing Center, Fall 2016

HI guys. My name is Max Kaiser and I'm originally from Staten Island, NY and in addition to traveling, enjoy collecting socks, rowing, hiking, and zoos. I studied abroad first semester junior year in Beijing, China as part of the TBC program through Loyola University Chicago, and intend to return summer 2017 for a proposed internship position. I greatly enjoyed my time abroad and felt it heavily impacted the way I handle my studies at SJU. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have, I hope I can help. 

T: @sirmaxalott | e:  | IG: @staxkaiser
harris Nicole Harris
Major: Linguistics
Minor: Spanish

Granada Institute of International Studies, Spring 2017

SPA 356 Study Tour to Spain, Spring 2016

My time in Granada helped me to not only appreciate the beauty of the world and all it has to offer but it also made me more appreciative of my freedoms living in the United States, as some of the countries I visited don't have the same freedoms. I met people and made friends from all over the world.
Lawler Noelle Lawler
Major: International Business
Minor: Economics

Florence University of the Arts
Fall 2016

While being abroad I realized a few changes about myself. One example is how I've come to appreciate our individual freedoms & liberties as a United States citizen as in comparison to some of the countries I visited, especially those that had a greater police presence in areas that experienced terror. I also surprised myself with my independence and means of navigation. I traveled to multiple cities on my own and was able to get to all the destinations that I wanted to see; I was not at all nervous about traveling on my own and didn't let multiple languages be a barrier.
letoile Theresa L'Etoile
Major: Sociology

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, Spring 2017

G'Day mates!  I LOVE all things aussie, ask me anything and everything about the land down under at!
Rudnesky Franki Rudnesky
Major: English
Minor: Italian

SJU Rome Summer Program, Summer 2017

Franki thanks the CIP Grant for helping her "helped me have the experience of a lifetime this summer!"
Sellers Madeleine Sellers
Major: International Business

IES Paris: Business & International Affairs, Spring 2016
IFSA-Butler, Birkbeck College of London, England, Spring 2017

Madeleine advises, "one of the best things about studying abroad is getting to practice a language and realize how much you have improved over the semester. Never be afraid to try to speak to someone in another language because I found that they are much more appreciative of you trying rather than not, and they might even help you!"
Schmidt Danielle Schmidt
Major: Interdisciplinary Health Services

SJU Greece Summer Program, Summer 2017 

Even though Greece is not the richest country, I have never seen happier people; this inspires me to be grateful for everything surrounding me. The Greece Summer Program was an experience like nothing I have ever experienced and I strongly encourage others to share this experience with me! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
Seely Emma Seely
Major: Psychology; English

John Cabot University of Rome
Fall 2016

From Copenhagen to Venice and beyond, she saw the world that semester, and now she can't wait to keep on exploring. Emma is more than happy to answer any questions you might have about study abroad, and she can be reached through her email at, or through facebook or instagram (mc_emsee).
wood Collin Wood
Major: Business Administration

St. Mary's University, London, Spring 2017 

Being given the chance to study abroad is like being given the world. While cliché, studying abroad is truly a once in a life time experience. 

Look into studying abroad sooner rather than later. You won't regret it! 

Feel free to find me on Facebook or Instagram or email me anytime at


Listen to Aidan Tyson, SJU Summer Program Peer Ambassador speak about his role with the CIP Office (Skip to 12:30).