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Announcements : Important Changes to Semester Abroad Approved/Affiliated Program List

Announcement: Important Changes to Semester Abroad Approved/Affiliated Program List

Event Date: 07/03/2017
The following announcement was sent to students via email on July 3, 2017.
Dear Students,
As part of our overall efforts to ensure that the study abroad options meet the needs of our students, the Center for International Programs (CIP) recently completed a review of our approved/affiliated semester abroad programs.  Based on criteria such as trends, student interest and academic fit with the SJU curriculum, we have made the decision to remove the following programs, effective immediately:
  • CIEE Arts and Sciences Program (Legon, Ghana)
  • CIEE Language and Culture Program (Dakar, Senegal)
  • Gonzaga-in-Florence (Florence, Italy)
  • IFSA-Butler: University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)
  • IFSA-Butler: Birkbeck College (London, England)
  • Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (Rome, Italy)
  • Lancaster University (Lancaster, England)
  • Millersville University: Philipps-Universitat (Marburg, Germany)
In addition, please note a few other important updates from the CIP:
  • We have increased our internal GPA requirement for the IFSA-Butler: Macquarie University program from a 2.5 cumulative GPA to a 2.75.  Students who do not meet the 2.75 GPA requirement at the time of application will not be considered.
  • Recent changes were made to the pre-approved course lists, effective starting with the Spring 2018 group.  The changes include newly approved courses and some Food Marketing courses that were removed by the department.   Please review the pre-approved course list for your program (available on the CIP website) and plan accordingly.
Should any of these changes have an impact on your plans for Spring 2018 study abroad (or other future terms), please feel free to reach out to the CIP study abroad staff to discuss your options:   (Note…students are still welcome to petition for any non-approved/non-affiliated program!)

The University is committed to international education and to offering a variety of enriching academic experiences to our students.  We look forward to continuing our review of available programs and adding some new, exciting options in the future!  We also look forward to opening the Spring 2018 on-line application cycle in late-August.  More information and application instructions will be sent out via e-mail at the beginning of the fall semester.

Best regards,
CIP Staff