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Before all students depart for their study abroad experience, the CIP will hold program pre-departure meetings and a health and safety meeting to provide students with the information that they will need to know before they get on a plan. However, it is important to note that orientation information is provided in a general format. Therefore, it is your responsibility to do the specific research needed to prepare you for your program (we just make sure that you get pointed in the right direction).
CIP will provide you with the following information
CDC, OSAC, State Department country information
General packing tips
CIP Pre-departure handbook
Tips on staying safe abroad

Research that you should do on your own
  • Review the information that the host university has on their website for visiting international or exchange students. Most websites will include pre-departure handbooks and other information.
  • Buy some guidebooks.
  • Network with students who have studied abroad in the past - use facebook, email, or ask them if they kept a blog or journal you can read.
  • Pay careful attention to any emails you receive from SJU and/or the host university.
  • If necessary, practice the language or look up some basic phrases to use while abroad.
  • Research the historical, political, demographic, and geographic background of the country you will be visiting.
  • Check out international or host-country news sources to keep up with current events in your host country. 
  • Read books and poetry, or watch movies by authors, writers, and directors from your host country.
  • Use Google Maps to check out the location of the host university buildings.
  • Be sure that you know the practical information- weather, electricity requirements, etc.
  • Use the students abroad website provided by the State Department to get useful information on all aspects of studying abroad.

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