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Peer Ambassadors

Peer Ambassadors represent the Center for International Programs and the Abroad Programs they attended during Information Sessions, Class Visits and Office Hours. They are available by email to answer any questions you may have about studying abroad! They are also available upon request for presentations for student clubs and organizations. If interested, email them at!

Meet the 2015 Peer Ambassadors for the Center for International Programs!

Katie Baldwin Katie Baldwin
Major:International Business
Minor: French

IES: Paris- Business & Intl. Affairs, Spring 2014
2013 SJU Summer Program in China

Katie was able to use her experience in China as part of an Honors Research project and believes that the international experience from her internship in Paris helped her land her summer job when she returned this past summer. 
Madeline Bridge Madeline Bridge
Majors: International Business, Economics

IFSA-Butler: Westminster University (Petition)
Spring 2014

Madeline challenges students to embrace the "uncomfortable moments" because in those moments, you learn the most about culture and yourself. 
Erin Caffrey Erin Caffrey
Major: International Relations
Minor: Asian Studies, German, Economics

2014 SJU Summer Program in China

Erin says that in this program, travel and class went hand-in-hand and enhanced her experiences in both. She feels that she gained a lot of experience and that only makes her want to travel and learn more.
Anthony Cuadrado Anthony Cuadrado
Majors: Managing Human Capital, Intl Business
Minor: Spanish

Saint Louis University, Spring 2014

Anthony confesses his 'honeymoon phase' lasted two to three weeks, and it was "not until I really had to start immersing myself in Spanish culture that I realized I was not on vacation. Someone who fails to immerse themselves in their host country culture will not be able to fully appreciate the opportunities they have while living in a new place."
kassabian Teddy Kassabian
Major: Finance

National University of Ireland, Galway
Fall 2014

Tedddy says by the end of the semester, he felt more like a citizen than a tourist. His greatest achievement was being told by a professor that his Irish accent was almost passable.

Kurn Heidi Kurn
Major: Chemistry

IFSA-Butler: Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, Fall 2014

Heidi funded her study abroad experience by working and saving my money and taking out a student loan. She says, "Australia is expensive and traveling in Australia is a must so it is smart to plan ahead and make sure that you will have enough money."

Devon Lavery Devon Lavery
Major: Elementary Education & Special Education
Minor: Autism Studies

2014 SJU Summer Program in Greece

Devon believes that being in the location that is the focus of your learning adds so much more to the experience. This unique opportunity enhances learning while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Emily Marussich Emily Marussich
Major: Communications
Minor: Psychology

American University of Rome, Spring 2014

Emily would encourage future students to seek out the international experience while abroad, saying "when else can you have a cappucino with someone from Dubai or argue politics with someone from Germany."
Mazzuchi Molly Mazzuchi
Major: Business Intelligence

2014 SJU Summer Program in China 
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, Fall 2014

Molly would like to tell students, "while you're abroad make sure to take time to just wander and explore. It's fun to be touristy sometimes, but don’t limit yourself to the places you’ve read about in your guidebook.  I found some of my favorite spots in both China and Ireland from just walking around without an agenda."

kelly 0'connell Kelly O'Connell
Major(s): Communications, Entertainment Marketing

National University of Ireland in Galway, Spring 2014 

Before leaving for the semester, Kelly feared homesickness but says that day never came. She fell in love with the Irish culture and is looking to pursue graduate work abroad. 
Melissa Piccoli
Major: Political Science
Minor: Communications

UPCES Prague, Fall 2014

In regards to everything there is to do in Prague, Melissa regrets saying  “I have three months, I’ll get to it."  Before you know it, the last week is there and you are studying for finals and trying to wrap your head around the fact that you are leaving. So make the most of your time! 

abbey sa Abbey Porzucek
Major: Biology

Marquette University Service Learning Program
Cape Town, South Africa, Fall 2014

Abbey urges students to make local friends.  Locals are what make an experience abroad different than a vacation.  Becoming friends with people that come from completely different backgrounds, that look different, that talk different, and that act different makes you realize how similar all people are.  

Raneri Gina Raneri
Major: International Business
Minor: Finance

SPA 356 Study Tour to Spain, Spring 2014
Temple University in Rome, Italy, Fall 2014

Gina's most memorable experience abroad was her Italian Parliament internship where she was able to connect with locals and gain valuable career experience. One of the duties her internship entailed was to present research she conducted to a local group of students at the University of Rome, a few of them she still keeps in contact with today!

Bria Ragin Bria Ragin
Major: English
Minor: Communications

IFSA-Butler: Birkbeck College, London, Spring 2014

Bria admits she had a fear of making friends, meeting new people and living with difficult roommates, but that it all worked out in the end! 

Julia Rizzuto Julia Rizzuto
Major: Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing
Minor: Italian

2014 SJU Summer Program in Rome

Julia's advice to students studying abroad is: "Don’t be afraid, be courageous. Be open minded and adventurous. And most importantly, do not hold back. Fill every minute with a new lesson and do everything you possibly can in your study abroad destination. Beware because you will be filled with unparalleled beauty and will learn the meaning of pure happiness."
Ernest Walter Ernest Walter
Major: Food Marketing
Minor: Spanish

IFSA-Butler: Argentine Universities Program
Buenos Aires, Spring 2014

Ernest had the opportunity to experience the World Cup with the Argentines, and believes classroom is essential as a starting point to have a base understanding (of language), but there are simply some things for which a class is unable to prepare you.

Becoming a Peer Ambassador

Can’t stop talking about your experience abroad? Consider applying for a Peer Ambassador position with the Center for International Programs! Click here to learn more & start an application. Applications for Spring 2015-Fall 2015 will be due in December!

Types of activities you should expect to do as a Peer Ambassador:
  • Help out and man a program table at the Study Abroad Fair
  • Post on the CIP's Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts
  • Email and/or meet with prospective students
  • Speak about your study abroad experience and the application process at information sessions
  • Reach out to clubs and faculty to schedule times to speak at a meeting or class about study abroad
  • Attend pre-departure meetings to answer questions
  • Develop new ideas for how the CIP can improve their study abroad outreach efforts & implement them!
Listen to Aidan Tyson, SJU Summer Program Peer Ambassador speak about his role with the CIP Office (Skip to 12:30). 

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