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Peer Ambassadors represent the Center for International Programs and the Abroad Programs they attended during Information Sessions, Class Visits and Office Hours. They are available by email to answer any questions you may have about studying abroad! They are also available upon request for presentations for student clubs and organizations. If interested, email them at!

Becoming a Peer Ambassador
Can’t stop talking about your experience abroad? Consider applying for a Peer Ambassador position with the Center for International Programs.

Types of activities you should expect to do as a Peer Ambassador:
  • Help out and man a program table at the Study Abroad Fair
  • Post on the CIP's Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts
  • Email and/or meet with prospective students
  • Speak about your study abroad experience and the application process at information sessions
  • Reach out to clubs and faculty to schedule times to speak at a meeting or class about study abroad
  • Attend pre-departure meetings to answer questions
  • Develop new ideas for how the CIP can improve their study abroad outreach efforts & implement them!

Meet the 2015-2016 Peer Ambassadors for the Center for International Programs!
Jenny Baumley Jennifer Baumley
Major: Food Marketing Co-op

SJU Summer Program in Rome, 2015

Jenny's advice to students is to "take the time to take in all of the scenery, views, smells and the people around you" and "don't be afraid to wander and explore the city with no set destination and live in the moment!"

KC Kelly Curran
Major: Food Marketing

IQS Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain, Spring 2015

Kelly highly recommends choosing a program where you are in class with local students. Interacting with these students gives you a good feel for the local culture and definitely helps improve your language skills. The students in my classes from Barcelona gave me great tips on the best places to eat, travel, etc.. 
SF Sydney Flemister
Major(s): Accounting & Business Intelligence

SJU Summer Program in Greece, 2015

Sydney says, "the world has so many unique places that are so unlike anything we will ever experience in America and it took me going abroad to realize that. I also forced myself to jump out of my comfort zone so many times that now I see myself trying all the things I told myself I couldn’t do."

Dori Gelman
Major: Marketing
Minor: Spanish

SPA 356 Study Tour to Spain, Spring 2014
Saint Louis University in Madrid, Spain, Spring 2015

Dori advises, "while you may be tempted to jet set every weekend, make sure you have weekends where you are staying in your home city. One of the best things that I did was make time to stay in Madrid. You only see so much during your transit to and from classes. The weekends that I spent in Madrid made me change from a tourist to a citizen."

kassabian Teddy Kassabian
Major: Finance

National University of Ireland, Galway
Fall 2014

Teddy says by the end of the semester, he felt more like a citizen than a tourist. His greatest achievement was being told by a professor that his Irish accent was almost passable.
Kurn Heidi Kurn
Major: Chemistry

IFSA-Butler: Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, Fall 2014

Heidi funded her study abroad experience by working and saving my money and taking out a student loan. She says, "Australia is expensive and traveling in Australia is a must so it is smart to plan ahead and make sure that you will have enough money."
LL Lizzie Lanzilotti
Major: International Relations
Minor: Italian

Florence University of the Arts, Spring 2015

Lizzie says she now feels a connection to places previously foreign to me all over the world, thanks to the wonderful individuals she met during events at her internship hosted in Florence. She learned about the traditions and customs of their respective countries based on their dinner habits, greetings, and fashion styles, to name a few. All in the name of intercultural dialogue and relations!
CL Connie Lunanuova
Major: English
Minor: Communications Studies 

IFSA-Butler: Birkbeck, Univ. of London, Spring 2015 

Before going abroad, I was most anxious about missing my friends and on missing out on the fun things that they were going to do in their spring semester. The idea of not being at SJU for a whole semester was really daunting, because I was missing things that were important to me, like friends’ birthdays, club activities and formal events. However, within the first week of being in London, I quickly got over that fear of missing out. 

Mazzuchi Molly Mazzuchi
Major: Business Intelligence

2014 SJU Summer Program in China 
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, Fall 2014

Molly would like to tell students, "while you're abroad make sure to take time to just wander and explore. It's fun to be touristy sometimes, but don’t limit yourself to the places you’ve read about in your guidebook.  I found some of my favorite spots in both China and Ireland from just walking around without an agenda."
KM Kathryn Miller
Major: Spanish
Minor: Linguistics

University of Delaware in Granada, Spain, Spring 2015 

While abroad, don't get too wrapped up in what's happening at home. Your friends and family will be there waiting for you when you return. Without really living in the moment you are in you will come back realizing there is so much more you could've done. 
Piccoli Melissa Piccoli
Major: Political Science
Minor: Communications

UPCES Prague, Fall 2014

In regards to everything there is to do in Prague, Melissa regrets saying  “I have three months, I’ll get to it."  Before you know it, the last week is there and you are studying for finals and trying to wrap your head around the fact that you are leaving. So make the most of your time! 
abbey sa Abbey Porzucek
Major: Biology

Marquette University Service Learning Program
Cape Town, South Africa, Fall 2014

Abbey urges students to make local friends.  Locals are what make an experience abroad different than a vacation.  Becoming friends with people that come from completely different backgrounds, that look different, that talk different, and that act different makes you realize how similar all people are.  

Raneri Gina Raneri
Major: International Business
Minor: Finance

SPA 356 Study Tour to Spain, Spring 2014
Temple University in Rome, Italy, Fall 2014

Gina's most memorable experience abroad was her Italian Parliament internship where she was able to connect with locals and gain valuable career experience. One of the duties her internship entailed was to present research she conducted to a local group of students at the University of Rome, a few of them she still keeps in contact with today!

BR Brenna Ritzert
Majors: English & Sociology

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, Spring 2015

Brenna reflects on daily life abroad as being the most memorable, "I would walk from class to class on campus saying hello and catching up with my fellow foreign exchange students as well as my native friends. The weekly club meetings and gatherings we had will always hold a special place in my heart.  Even when I finally came home, the simple talks and laughs we shared in the common dinning room are the simple memories that mean so much more to me than the “impressive” feats I accomplished in Japan."
Armin Sami China Armin Sami
Major: Psychology
Minor: Biology

2015 Summer Program in China

Armin says that, "In China, they love Americans without a doubt, but in some way you are a minority. There is the language, cultural, and traditional barrier that consists. As a result, I was able to see how it felt like to be in different positions" and that he loved all of the food that he tried!

Listen to Aidan Tyson, SJU Summer Program Peer Ambassador speak about his role with the CIP Office (Skip to 12:30). 

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