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General Diversity Resources
Students of Color
LGBTQ Students
Students with Disabilties
Women Abroad
Underrepresented Majors
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  • Diversity Abroad - Diversity Abroad is the leading global education organization which targets non-traditional students for international education opportunities, creating a portal which provides information, tips, and benefits for students looking to study internationally.  
  • - This site offers resources addressing funding opportunities, study abroad and career development, reasons to study abroad, and information on diversity and discrimination abroad.
  • IES Abroad Diversity - Diversity resources for IES programs including past student perspectives, scholarship opportunities, a student guide, country-specific resources and contact information for the IES Diversity Coordinator.
  • Brown University: "Diversity Issues in Study Abroad" - A collection of student quotes by country in which past participants directly address what impact their ethnicity, heritage, sexual orientation, religion, appearance and/or native language had on their study abroad experience.


  • All Abroad: What About Discrimination Abroad? - Articles on the differing experiences of discrimination abroad for African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander-American, Latino/Hispanic-American and Native American students.
  • Columbia University: "Reflections of Asian-American Students"- Quotes from Asian-Americans students who studied abroad in a European or Asian country.
  • Race Abroad for American's of Color Preparing to Live Abroad
  • PLATO:  The Center for Global Education's PLATO Project (Project for Learning Abroad, Training, and Outreach) is an integrated study abroad training, certification, and diversity outreach program that provides comprehensive support resources for study abroad to all U.S. college and university students – with special support for underrepresented students.

African-American Students

Asian/Pacific American Students

Hispanic/Latino Students

Native American Students


  • CIEE Knowledge Series: Women Studying Abroad – Information regarding stereotypes placed upon American women, gender roles abroad, appropriate dress, handling uncomfortable situations, and overall gender awareness and safety.
  • Gender Abroad -Resources for women's safety issues abroad created by Northwestern University.
  • Journeywoman Online - Information for women travelers from women travelers; there is also a free e-mail newsletter you can subscribe to from this site.  This site also provides guidance by country on culturally correct clothing.
  • Sexual Harassment And Prevention In College Students Studying Abroad - Article on sexual harassment while studying abroad, including women's experiences, causes and ways to prevent harassment.
  • Transitions Abroad: Women Travel- A collection of first-hand articles, websites and agencies by this award-winning, respected travel magazine.

If you are a science or mathematics major or minor, there are programs that will allow you to receive credit abroad. The CIP office offers programs with a variety of science and math course offerings. We have created these guides as resources to help you during the process. Click the disciplines listed below (COMING SOON!) to find the programs that best suits your needs:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Ancient Studies
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • European Studies
  • French
  • Italian
  • LEOS
  • Math
  • Music, Theatre, Film
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Theology
  • The Institute for the International Education of Students (or IES Abroad) shares its diversity video, “Speaking of diversity… What it means to be me in Granada.”  The video, shot and produced in Granada, Spain, provides a window into the thoughts and experiences of seven diverse students and their travels in Granada.
  • "Breaking Barriers," created and produced at San Francisco State University, features students from groups traditionally underrepresented in study abroad. Students who participated in pre and post study abroad interviews share their reflections.

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