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If you are a SJU faculty or staff member participating in an upcoming SJU Study Tour or Summer Program then you have come to the right place! Here you can find useful information that will guide you in all of the important aspects of being a study tour /program coordinator or faculty member.


All professors and coordinators participating in a SJU Study Tour or Summer Program will receive a travel advance and is responsible for completing his/her own Expense Report. CIP reviews the reports prior to sending them to Financial Affairs. Please see the Expense Report Guide below for instructions on completing an expense report. The completed Expense Report should be sent to CIP no more than 10 days after the end of the Study Tour or Summer Program.


*Keep a receipt for every purchase! All SJU funds must be accounted for.

*All expenses must be converted to US Dollars. Go to to determine the average historical exchange rate that you should use for your conversions.

*Please use your computer to complete the Expense Report Reimbursement Form, as the numbers will be automatically added up in this sheet.

Still have questions after reading the Expense Report Guide? Contact Lindsey Martin at or 610-660-3461.


The International Travel Trip Leader’s Field Manual for Participant Safety and Student Disciplinary Issues is an essential resource guide for everyone Coordinator and professor traveling with a SJU program. It contains vital reference material, documents, and University policies & procedures to assist you in performing your responsibilities when traveling abroad.


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