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New International Education Initiatives

Process for Reviewing New International Education Initiatives

In recent years, Saint Joseph’s University has seen significant growth in all areas of International Education.  In order to be better able to plan, coordinate and communicate future initiatives, it is important that we implement a more systematic process for planning, coordinating and communicating future initiatives.  To this end, the following is recommended to deal with the review of new initiatives:

An International Education Standing Committee comprised of the Vice President for Student Life/Associate Provost, deans or their designees, and the Director of the Center for International Programs should meet to review any new initiative.

Whenever any new international programs and/or initiatives are being proposed, such programs will have to be reviewed by the committee for approval.  These would be such programs and initiatives that are about to become institutionalized-i.e., agreements between Saint Joseph’s and some international organization (not exploratory or isolated events).  This relates to all joint international programs and partnerships (degree and non-degree), domestic student international travel programs, and institutional agreements to recruit and enroll international students.  When being presented with a proposal, the committee may call upon the services and/or advice of other university personnel who are familiar with the issues at hand.

Any new initiative should first go to the appropriate Program Director/Department Chair and Academic Dean for their review and approval before it is brought to the International Education Standing Committee.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Center for International Programs.

Combined Process for Reviewing New International Education Initiatives