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Group Travel with Students

Request and Approval Process
SJU employees who plan to travel internationally with students - for *non-academic purposes - must first make their request through The Nest (it is recommended that this occur at least 6 months prior to the planned travel):

1) After logging into The Nest, go to the Employee tab.
2) Under "Useful Links and Tools," click on "Business Expense and Travel."
3) Next, click on "Group Block Air Space Request Form."
4) Complete the form with all required information.

Your request will be sent to Procurement Services, the Center for International Programs and the University's designated travel agency, Direct Travel.  The role of the Center for International Programs (CIP) is to ensure that the group will not be traveling to a prohibited location (per the Interim SJU International Travel Policy).  
Post-decision Steps
If the location is approved, a representative from Direct Travel will reach out to you to begin planning travel.  In addition, the CIP will contact you regarding next steps required by the University.  This includes (but in not limited to):
  • Registration of all participants, including the trip leaders
  • Attendance at a mandatory health and safety meeting for students and a risk management training for trip leaders 
  • Purchase of international insurance coverage for the group

*If you are a faculty member proposing a Study Tour or Summer Program, you do not need to complete a Group Travel Request.  Your proposal is sufficient.