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SJU Summer Programs

SJU Summer Programs are unique study abroad programs designed to introduce you to other countries and cultures by immersing you in the country while living and studying abroad for one month. The goal of a Summer Program is to offer students from any major who may not have the flexibility to spend a semester abroad, but want a longer immersion than a Study Tour. It is great for student athletes of those considering taking summer credit. We hope you will consider joining Saint Joseph's faculty as they lead our students abroad on these fascinating programs! 
Greece China
joburg Rome
The Center for International Programs holds in person information sessions about the Summer Programs throughout the year.
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Q/ What is a SJU Summer Program?
A/ A SJU Summer Program is a month-long academic course offered by SJU faculty during the summer. The course is held in one of four locations: China, Greece, Rome or Chile. Academic learning takes place on-site, with require pre-departure meetings and assignments that help prepare students for the immersion experience. Summer Programs are designed to give students a longer immersion experience to other countries and cultures than Study Tours.

Q/ Who may enroll in a SJU Summer Program?
A/ Any student who is not on academic or disciplinary probation may enroll provided that s/he has received academic advisor approval and has met course pre-requisites. There is no GPA requirement. CIP recommends that students meet with their academic advisor to make sure that they have met pre-requisites (if applicable) and to talk about GEP or academic program requirements.

Q/ When do Summer Programs run?
A/ Summer Programs always take place during the summer months. The programs begin in May, June, or July, and last 1 month. In addition, students will be required to attend pre-departure meetings during the preceding spring semester.

Q/ Can I participate in only the travel portion?
A/ All students must take the Summer Program courses for credit. Students cannot enroll in a Study Tour course “for the travel portion only.” This means you must register for the course for which you will get a grade and pay tuition. Once you register, your SJU account will be billed for both tuition and travel expenses.

Q/ What is the cost of a Summer Program?
A/ There is a program fee for all Summer Programs that covers airfare, lodging, site visits, insurance, some meals, and more. Program fees vary based upon location. Students are also charged summer tuition at the Undergraduate or Graduate rate.

Q/ How are students prepared to participate in a SJU Summer Program?
A/ Prior to departure, students complete reading and assignments that help them prepare for the upcoming travel. They meet with their professor and classmates occasionally during the preceding spring semester to prepare for the class and travel. Students must also attend a mandatory Pre-departure Meeting and a mandatory Health & Safety Meeting by the CIP. Here, students receive important information on their itinerary as well as tips for traveling related to topics such as packing, currency, and much more. They also receive information on emergency procedures and health & safety issues among other topics. See the Health & Safety page for more information.

Q/ If I decide to withdraw from the Summer Program before it runs, will I get my money back?
A/  If SJU cancels a program, the $300 deposit is refundable. However, if the program runs and a student decides not to participate, the deposit remains non-refundable. Depending on when a student withdraws their participation in the program, there will also be other program fee withdrawal penalties.

Q/ Are there any scholarships available?
A/  Yes. CIP offers grants to several summer program participants. Students must be full-time degree-seeking undergraduates applying for one of the SJU Summer Programs. Please see the application for more information. The grant committee will select students based on merit, need, and an essay shortly after the summer programs deadline has passed.  Students should also check with academic departments for any scholarships they may have available as well.

Students can search for outside funding at the following search engines: IIE Study Abroad FundingGoAbroad.comInternational Scholarships

Q/ How can I pay my program fee?
A/  After the Program Fee has been posted to the students’ account, the program fee can be paid online just as one pays their regular tuition. You may also pay by check made payable to Saint Joseph's University and sent to the Office of Student Accounts. Please be sure to include the program in the ‘memo’ section of the check. The program fee can be paid all at once or in installments adhering to payment deadlines. If a student has any questions regarding Summer Program payments, they should contact the Office of Student Accounts at 610-660-2400.