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In order to be considered for University approval to study abroad for a semester or year, all students must submit at least two (2) electronic recommendations from faculty who have taught them in class. We appreciate your support in this process, as the reference is a vital part of our application review. 
We encourage students to discuss their intent to request a recommendation from you before using the online request system.  In addition, the Center for International Programs (CIP) has notified students that it is best to give two weeks notice for faculty recommendations, as their study abroad application will not be considered complete until the faculty recommendations have been received. 

Submitting Your Recommendation
If a student has requested a recommendation, you will receive an automated e-mail prompting you to complete an electronic recommendation (this method is preferred), or they may bring you a paper form to complete and submit to the CIP.  The e-mail requests will always list the student's name, study abroad program and term abroad, as well as a link to complete the recommendation.  
If you DO NOT have an active "application" (i.e., program proposal, coordinator application or travel registration) in the CIP's on-line portal... please use the "Recommenders" link provided in the email.  This will prompt you to enter a Recommendation ID and the student's last name, both of which will be in the email.  You will then be taken to an electronic form to complete and submit.  Please note that the credentials provided will only be valid for 7 days after you receive the email.  If you do not complete the recommendation within 7 days, you will need to contact the CIP ( so that we can resend the request.

If you DO have an active "application" (i.e., program proposal, coordinator application or travel registration) in the CIP's on-line portal...  Follow the "SJU" instructions to log in to the portal with your SJU username and password. To see a list of all of your recommendations (pending and completed), click “Recommender Home” in the upper right corner.  To complete a recommendation, select the student under "Pending Recommendations" and complete the brief questionnaire provided to you.

Paper recommendation forms can be hand delivered to the CIP office (LaFarge Residence Hall, Suite 10) or sent through campus mail.  If sending through campus mail, please keep a copy for yourself in case it is lost.

A limited number of completed and eligible applications will be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Therefore, early applications are being encouraged. Please see our Study Abroad Policy for more information.