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Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance

The covid-19 pandemic continues to impact international travel. As you prepare to study abroad, it is important to note that conditions abroad or your own personal plans may change. Host institutions or program providers may make cancellations, or students may voluntarily opt to withdraw. To protect funds committed toward a study abroad experience, the CIP strongly recommends that students purchase Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance. 
SJU does not endorse any specific insurance carrier, but we have compiled below a list of websites to assist with your research. AAA, your car insurance company and your credit card company may offer Trip Cancellation benefits as well. Please obtain online quotes to compare or speak with an insurance representative:  
Each carrier provides different levels of services at different rates, so it is important to understand exactly what is covered by a particular plan before purchasing, particularly in regard to COVID-related cancellations. In many cases, losses due to COVID may not be covered by a standard plan. Students may need to look for special coverage, such as a “Cancel for Any Reason” plan. It is strongly advised that you speak with the insurance provider to understand details of a specific plan, as even “Cancel for Any Reason” coverages may vary between providers.